Energy Storage and Hybrid EGT Modifications

Energy Storage and Hybrid EGT Modifications


Wellhead Construction is a qualified installer of General Electric Battery Energy Storage Systems (“BESS”) and is the first engineering firm in the world to install the GE LM6000 Hybrid EGT Modification Kit.


Commercial Units:

Southern California Edison

  • Project: Modification of two existing GE LM6000s to the Hybrid EGT configuration
  • COD Q1 2017

Stanton Energy Reliability Center

  • Project Size: 98 MW
  • Prime Movers: 2 X LM6000 Hybrid EGT
  • COD 2020

***The video starts with most of the underground conduit already installed. Therefore, the first phase of construction (over-excavation and compaction) are already complete.

The video above catches 4 major phases of Hybrid EGT construction.

  1. Completion of underground conduit.
  2. Foundation forms and rebar installation.
  3. Pouring of foundations.
  4. Equipment placement.