Hybrid EGT Awards




South Coast Air Quality Management District. Innovation Clean Air Technology Award.

Southern California Edison’s two Hybrid Enhanced Gas Turbine facilities add batteries and a new control system to traditional “peaker” power plants. SCE is the first utility in the country to integrate General Electric’s existing gas-turbine power generation with battery energy storage in a dynamic new hybrid system, achieving heightened grid efficiency in fulltime service.

Additionally, Wellhead Power Solutions provided the selective catalytic reduction and ammonia system upgrades, expertise in emissions control systems and calibrating low load operations of EGTs.

The hybrid system produces air quality benefits by allowing the turbine to operate in standby mode without combusting fuel, which lowers emissions, while the battery-stored energy enables immediate response to changing energy dispatch needs. The result of these innovations is that greenhouse gases and particulate emissions from each turbine are reduced by roughly 60 percent and demineralized water consumption drops by 2 million gallons per plant each year. This represents a major milestone in the capability to efficiently and reliably manage fluctuating or intermittent sources like wind and solar.

This innovative technology installation, achieved in ground-breaking partnership with SCE, GE and Wellhead, offers potential for other urban areas to achieve more reliable, economically competitive, and environmentally sustainable electricity systems.


Edison Electric Institute. Edison Award. Most prestigious in the electric power industry:

Our industry is making important investments in innovative new technologies that are helping to improve reliability, energy grid resiliency, and services for customers,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn. “AEP’s BOLD project is another great example of the industry implementing innovative solutions. The BOLD technology is a transformational line design for the electric power industry, increasing efficiency and reliability. Congratulations to the outstanding team at AEP for their terrific achievement in earning the 2017 Edison Award.”

Edison International and its Southern California Edison (SCE) subsidiary earned the 2017 Edison Award for leading the construction of the world’s first hybrid battery and natural gas turbine power plants. The Hybrid Enhanced Gas Turbines are fully operational at SCE’s Center Peaker Plant in Norwalk and Grapeland Peaker in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The enhanced natural gas turbines have achieved unprecedented levels of operational flexibility and are capable of responding to electric system needs instantaneously, while at the same time reducing operating costs and emissions.

“Southern California Edison’s innovative Hybrid Enhanced Gas Turbine is a tremendous accomplishment that exemplifies the industry’s commitment to finding innovative solutions for customers,” said Kuhn. “This project’s unique design, which lowers emissions and improves efficiency, will set a precedent in the industry. The SCE team is truly deserving of the 2017 Edison Award.”

Video overviews of both AEP’s Breakthrough Overhead Line Design​ and SCE’s Battery and Gas Turbine Hybrid are available online.

Power Magazine Top Plant Award. http://www.powermag.com/two-sce-gas-battery-hybrid-projects-revolutionize-peaker-performance/

Energy Storage North America: Innovation Award https://esnaexpo.com/awards/voting

Power Gen. Best Energy Storage Project. Best Overall Project.

Southern California Edison

Battery-Gas Turbine Hybrid

“Transformative” and “revolutionary” best describe the world’s first hybrid enhanced gas turbine (EGT) projects that added battery energy storage at two Southern California Edison natural gas peaker plants. The projects consist of a 10 MW/4.3 MWh lithium-ion battery plus a Hybrid Control System.

Once online and synchronized, the turbine only needs two to three minutes to ramp up to full load and because it has instantaneous response capability, each Hybrid EGT can participate in California ISO’s spinning reserves markets 24-7, with no fuel consumption or emissions while the turbine is offline.

Each Hybrid EGT facilitates the use of efficient and cleaner resources to meet peak energy needs, including solar, wind, hydro, and combined-cycle plants. Working in harmony, each battery-and-turbine Hybrid EGT system supports green energy variability by filling in the gaps with their immediate response capability.

Speaking about the project, Steve Berberich, President and CEO of the California ISO stated: “The SCE-GE project is a perfect example that distributed energy resources can be used in innovative ways.”