Hybrid EGT Overview

Wellhead Power Solutions

Wellhead Power Solutions (“WPS”) is one of the leading innovators of advanced control and technology solutions in the power sector. WPS and affiliates have over 30 years of experience in power plant operation and maintenance. WPS has a mission orientation that brings creative and strategic solutions to real world problems.
WPS holds multiple patents, patents pending, and other intellectual property rights for control of power generation, emissions reduction systems, energy storage, battery-gas turbine integration, water injection, distributed energy resources, and demand-side management.

Gas Turbine flexibility

  • Advanced Gas Turbine Water Injection Control
  • Adaptive Ramp Rate Control for Gas Turbines
  • Quick Sync
  • Bi-directional sequencing
  • Inlet-air conditioning

Balance of plant

  • Parasitic load optimization
  • Emissions Control
  • Vibration Solutions
  • Remote monitoring/control solutions
  • Digital field communications

Emergent Technologies

  • Automated Energy Storage Systems
  • Distributed Energy Resource Aggregated Control Platforms
  • Cloud-based Demand-side Management
  • Hybrid Energy Solutions