WPS Advantage

WPS Hybrid EGT Advantage

As a co-developer of the Hybrid EGT™ technology with General Electric, WPS is uniquely qualified to support your EGT™ kit installation and commissioning efforts.

Value Added

When it comes to installing and commissioning your Hybrid EGT™ kit, no one can match the experience level of WPS. In addition to our unparalleled knowledge of the Hybrid EGT™ integration software and operation, WPS will confirm that all plant systems are reviewed for performance and coordinated to ensure that your Hybrid EGT™ is fully optimized. System review and coordination includes:

    • Emission Control
      1. NH3 delivery/control
      2. AIG
      3. SCR Catalyst
      4. CO Catalyst
      5. Monitoring system
    • Gas Compressor sequencing
    • Auxiliary System sequencing
    • Local and Remote HMI design
    • Revenue Metering
    • Remote Intelligent Gateway