WPS Advantage

WPS Hybrid EGT Advantage

As a co-developer of the Hybrid EGT™ technology with General Electric, WPS is uniquely qualified to support your EGT™ kit installation and commissioning efforts.

Value Added

When it comes to installing and commissioning your Hybrid EGT™ kit, no one can match the experience level of WPS. In addition to our unparalleled knowledge of the Hybrid EGT™ integration software and operation, WPS will confirm that all plant systems are reviewed for performance and coordinated to ensure that your Hybrid EGT™ is fully optimized. System review and coordination includes:

    • Emission Control
      1. NH3 delivery/control
      2. AIG
      3. SCR Catalyst
      4. CO Catalyst
      5. Monitoring system
    • Gas Compressor sequencing
    • Auxiliary System sequencing
    • Local and Remote HMI design
    • Revenue Metering
    • Remote Intelligent Gateway

What California’s Leaders are saying about the Hybrid EGT

The following are quotations from various speakers at the ribbon Cutting Ceremony for SCE’s EGT conversion of the Center peaking facility in Norwalk, CA on held on April 17, 2017:

“The community is better off and the customers are better off. I can’t think of anything that’s not to like about this.”Mary Nichols, Chair – California Air Resources Board

“Southern California Edison’s Hybrid EGT energy storage project will allow us to increase our reliance on renewable energy, reducing smog-forming pollution and combating climate change.”Wayne Nastri, Executive Officer – South Coast Air Quality Management District

“The ISO recognizes the benefits hybrid energy storage will have and this project in particular demonstrates the robust collaboration between the innovators…”Steve Berberich, President and CEO California Independent System Operator

“We are watching the future unfold right before our eyes,” said Norwalk Mayor Luigi Vernola. “This is something fantastic to look forward to. This is the future for California, Norwalk and the world.” Luigi Vernola, Mayor – Norwalk, CA

“Today, we are witnessing a breakthrough. This innovation is enabling the incorporation of more renewable energy,”Stéphane Cai, GE vice president for Commercial Solutions, Grid Solutions, Energy Connections

“This is the world’s first for a plant of this type. We are marrying battery storage with peaking generation. This plant provides stellar environmental benefits and enables a greater integration of renewables. Think of this as a big version of a plug-in hybrid. If we don’t have to drive very far, we don’t have to use gas. If we need to go further, the gas engine is there to meet our needs. It provides ready power to meet expected and sometimes unexpected energy needs.”Ron Nichols, SCE President